• • The Rawat family is in the business market for over 120 years with the arrival of Ismael Hossen RAWAT from Surat (Gujrat), India in 1886
  • • In the 1930’s, Moussa Ismael Rawat, the son of Ismael Hossen and his brother Ajum Ismael Rawat founded a company that imported and distributed well known brands, built and managed movie theatres and imported films and equipment for the cinema
  • • Following the family tradition, Hassam Moussa Rawat, the son of Moussa I. Rawat founded his own company in 1959
  • • 100% privately owned and self-financed enterprise
  • • The two sons of Hassam Moussa Rawat: Mohamad Ameen H. RAWAT, 4th generation of the Rawat family joined the family enterprise in 1982, followed by his brother Mohamad Ali H. RAWAT in 1986





Mr Mohamad Ameen H. RAWAT

Group Chairman & CEO



Mr. Mohamad Ali H. RAWAT

Group CEO




  • • 1959: Foundation of HASSAM MOUSSA RAWAT, Importers & Merchants
  • • 1970-1980: Introduction of hire purchase system for the supply of bakery, pastry and other equipment to local entrepreneurs (a plan which was non-existent in Mauritius then)
  • • 1990’s: The firm became one of the regional leaders in the supply of equipment to the Hotels, Resorts & the catering industry as a whole 
  • • 2000: Official representative and distributor of NOKIA Mobile Phones  for the Indian Ocean Islands (IOI)
  • • 2003: Opening of the first NOKIA “Shop in Shop” in Port Louis, Bourbon Street
  • • 2004: Launch of the "NOKIA CONCEPT STORE" - unique in the Sub Saharan Africa zone - at HM RAWAT Business Centre, Beau Bassin, Mauritius
  • • 2007: HM RAWAT was awarded the Africa Market Hero Award by NOKIA CARE for its quality of service at its NOKIA Approved Level 3 Warranty & Repair centre
  • • 2007-2008: Creation of a new pole of development with the "Quality Living" concept under one roof by launching STRESSLESS Recliners & Sofas, MIELE home appliances, PUMA fashion and sportswear, ASTON MARTIN & FERRARI luxury automobiles
  • • 2009: Focus in the Technology Sector continues and grew with the Import & Distribution of IT products and Softwares such as ASUS notebooks and netbooks
  • • 2011: Re-branding of the "Quality Living" concept to the "Luxury Living" concept and the addition of Berloni home design furniture to its list of products.









  • • Well defined and designed long term strategy
  • • Quality products & timely delivery
  • • Distinguished customer excellence
  • • Excellent relationship with suppliers
  • • Unshakeable core business values
  • • Strong family ethics
  • • Dynamic young team




  • • International Trade
  • • Global Distribution
  • • Service Providers
  • • Import & Export
  • • Freeport & Re-Export
  • • Corporate Investment
  • • Property Management
  • • Business Facilitation